💵Recurring Payments

Pay automatically by the second. Recipients will have their wallet updated automatically.

Watch this video to have a grasp of Calamus Finance's functions

You can easily stream money with simple steps. Money can be streamed per second, hour, day, week, month, quarter and year. We have advanced settings for cancellation and money transferring. Once settled, payment is securely distributed.

Here are some fundamental use cases of recurring payments:


Pay your employees by the second quickly. Company will have complete control over frequency, liquidity amount and duration. Cancellation is possible at any time by the payer and/or payee.

Benefits for employers:

  • Automation of payment: Employers can set a stream for as long as they want, and money will be transferred evenly throughout the time frame. Cancellation is easy if the employment contract ends sooner than intended. The remaining amount will be sent back to employer's wallet.

  • Less overhead: Employers create a stream for perpetual payments while only having to pay for the gas fee of one payment.

  • Recruitment benefits: "Payment by the second" can be a great competitive edge for companies when hunting talents because people (including you) always want to get financed as soon as possible.

Benefits for employees:

  • Instant cash flow: Employees will get paid for every second/minute/hour of their contribution to the company. No more waiting until the end of the month, you can receive money right away with Calamus Finance.

  • Risk avoidance: Wage theft will not be a thing anymore because once the contract is signed, money will be transferred as intended.


Forgetting to cancel subscriptions is a common thing in the Cefi world. Yet, with Calamus Finance, you can easily get access to all of your subscriptions, and cancellation is as easy as pie.

Calamus Finance protects you from losing money without acknowledgment.


Do you want to reward your kids but are afraid that they might spend it all at once?

You just need to create a stream, and Calamus Finance will handle the rest. We will divide the grant into smaller ones and send them to the children every second, so that they can learn to spend money well.

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