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New Stream

Click on "New Stream" at the top of the screen.

Select Token

Click on “Select Token” to select your token to stream.

Recipient Wallet Address

Fill in the "Recipient Wallet Address". Keep in mind that the wallet address cannot be the same as the sender’s address, and must be a decentralized exchange address.

Recipient Amount

Enter the amount you want your recipient to receive. Please note that the amount must not exceed your balance and must be greater than 0.

Release Frequency

Fill in your Release Frequency
You can choose your Release frequency per second, minute, hour, day, week, month, or year. However, please keep in mind that the release frequency must not exceed the stream time.

Start/Stop date and time

Select your preferred "Start/Stop date and time"
We recommend you to have the Start time 2 minutes later than the present time to avoid congestion on some chains.

Additional Information

Cancel/Transfer Contract

Who Can Cancel Contract?
Click on “Who Can Cancel Contract?” to select the party you allow to cancel the contract.
Who Can Transfer Contract?
Click on “Who Can Transfer Contract?” to change the recipient address, meaning that the stream will continue to send money to another person
Contract Title and Email Address are add-in items. You can choose to fill these in or not.
Initial Release (designed for Token Vesting): After the Start Date, the recipient can receive X % of the total amount depending on your setting. If the Initial Release is 0%, it will be a normal stream

Stream Summary

Stream summary will be updated on the right corner.