Pricing Details

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We apply the Public Rate of 0.25% service fee on top of the stream amount.
To show appreciation to early partners and users of Calamus Finance, we’re hosting a Whitelist Partner Program. The program will apply to individuals or organizations in contact with Calamus’s team.
Below is the Special Price table for Whitelist Partners:
Private Rate
Q4/22-Q1/23 (until 31 March 2023)
Q2/23-Q4/23 (until 31 December 2023)
Q1/24 onwards
Note: The rate only affects newly created streams. I.e., A whitelist stream created on 20 March 2023 but lasts until 20 March 2024 is a free-of-charge stream.
To sign up for the Program, feel free to send an email to [email protected] or fill in this FORM.
Below is the Summary of the fees included when creating a stream:
Type of fee
Type of token
Fees goes to
Service fee
Stream token
Calamus Finance
Gas fee
Native token
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