Get fee of stream

Get fee of stream

 * Balance of user in stream.
 * @param address (string): wallet address (if this not provide, address of current account on metamask will be use)
 * @param tokenAddress (string): address of token
 * @return Promise<string: fee of stream>

CalamusInstance.feeOf("0xB775fa6D48ec0e8394bbD6bE52956Bde7e036a36", "0x599B507bcfC75C08dF2726Cb6EC533cef74a4E04")
    .then(result => console.log('Result: ', result)).catch(error => console.log('Error: ', error));

or use async await function

const result = await CalamusInstance.feeOf("0xB775fa6D48ec0e8394bbD6bE52956Bde7e036a36", "0x599B507bcfC75C08dF2726Cb6EC533cef74a4E04")

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