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Use Calamus Finance with Simple Steps

All you need to do is to Connect your Wallet, Create a New Stream with a few simple setups. Designed to especially save time for the customers, our dApp is developed to minimize the complication.

Partner with Calamus Finance

The use cases for each Web3 organization are different depending on their needs and tech structure. Therefore, Calamus Finance offers a customizable partnership approach to best support our partners.

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Why is Automatic Payment the Key to Scaling Web3 Organizations?

  1. Decrease Labour Costs and Gas Fee

  2. Increase Employee Retention

  3. Increase Talent Sourcing Capability

Why Calamus Finance?

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Table of Contents:

  1. What You Should Know About DeFi Money Streaming

  2. Use Cases Of Money Streaming

  • Payroll

  • Token Vesting

  • Subscription

  • Allowances

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