About Calamus Finance

Calamus Finance is a decentralized crypto streaming app that automates recurring payments, such as salary, token vesting, airdrop, etc. It allows people to send/receive payments on any time basis (per second/minute/day/…/year) by creating streams of money.
Calamus Finance is Live on BNB Chain Mainnet


Currently, many platforms support payments with fiat money, which could be used for investing, payroll, purchases, etc. Nevertheless, these platforms encounter several shortcomings, including:
  • Most platforms do not allow periodic automation of payments. Instead, users must manually transfer the money when the work is done.
  • Workers always stand a risk of wage theft.
  • Labour hirers might risk low-quality work, for example, if payment is made in advance.
  • Workers have to wait for a specific date to receive/use the money, usually every month or after the contract ends. Most platforms do not support payment with tokens.
Thus, to solve these issues, we have made use of blockchain and (the application of) tokens to create a multi-chain crypto streaming protocol.
At Calamus Finance, we aim to facilitate the process of constant payments and token vesting transparently and securely.

Our Vision

A multi-chain and multi-functional crypto streaming protocol for your everyday payment.

Our Mission

We aim to help crypto owners in their daily payments, from small ones like subscriptions and allowances to bigger ones like company's payroll and startup vesting.
Since Calamus Finance can cater to almost any needs, it can encourage more people to adopt crypto.
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